Preserving Culture Digitally

VP-ARC is proud to present… the Oikoumeni Sea!

Oikoumeni is an ancient Greek word that means “the world that we know”. VP-ARC has commissioned 4 new water regions, Tranquil, Serene, Luminous and Boundless, to become the Oikoumeni Sea, linking the LOCUS Project Amiais @ SL regions to its closest neighbours in the VWEC continent (Eduverse): the Confederation of Democratic Simulators (CDS), Second Life’s oldest democratic community, and Etopia Sustainable Communities, an educational environmental community with RL examples of Sustainable Development, Renewable Energy, Organic Living & Authentic Community.

Purpose here is two-fold: VP-ARC’s vision is that relevant cultural projects like Amiais can benefit from the closeness of stable communities like CDS and Etopia. In parallel, the communities also benefit from the increased proximity brought by the continuous territories.

The Oikoumeni Sea will be fully visitable, and VP-ARC envisions that it will allow for new activities for promotion of both the cultural content and the neighbour communities. Contact us here or visit us in Second Life to share in this experiment for the preservation of cultural content!

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