Preserving Culture Digitally

The Amiais regions join the VWEC continent in Second Life ®

VP-ARC has successfully worked for the inclusion of the LOCUS Project Amiais@SL into the Virtual Worlds Education Consortium continent in Second Life. The VWEC gathers research projects and institutions in geographical closeness to foster networking between educators.

The joining in of the Amiais regions is an acknowledgement of their value as a prototype for cultural dissemination in the fields of anthropology, ethnography, and the preservation and communication of intangible heritage. VP-ARC is very thankful, and proud, about the acceptance of the LOCUS Project Amiais@SL into the VWEC community!

VP-ARC invites everyone, and specially the VWEC neighbours, to visit the Amiais regions. If you have visited before, your landmarks in-world will take you there still.

The Second Life (R) World Map in August 23, 2023, showing the Amiais regions and their closest neighbours in the VWEC / Eduverse continent.

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